MIX Networks – At Your Service!

Experienced!  MIX Networks has over a decade of experience in providing end-to-end Hosted Voice, Virtual/Hosted PBX and Unified Communications solutions in combination with core services such as DID Origination, PSTN Termination, and SIP Trunking, Toll Free, Caller ID, E-911, to a vast number of diverse happy customers. 

Capable!  MIX Networks provides a full suite of high-quality communication services and applications designed to deliver the latest leading-edge features in the industry at reduced cost.  We feature one of the largest DID footprints in North America and are able to supply DIDs in most primary and secondary USA markets as well as International. Our customers take advantage of our best-in-breed, ease of use, cloud-based management portal interface enabling hands on management of their communication environment, no matter how complex.  

Flexible!  We offer many of our services individually, or as part of turnkey bundled service offerings such as MIX Centrex (a comprehensive Hosted PBX service), MIX MEET ME (a hosted Audio and Web Conferencing service) and MIX Fax (an Unlimited Internet Fax solution). We work closely with our customers to help them meet their objectives, and most of all, we strive to provide them with the highest quality of service and customer satisfaction. 

Your Solution!  If your business has recently invested in telephony equipment like an on-premises PBX that’s not yet reached the end of its useful life, there’s some good news: MIX Networks can help you by still leveraging that equipment and begin the process of migrating to  feature rich, fully redundant MIX Centrex Hosted PBX enjoying all of the benefits that technology affords.

Our MIX Cloud-Based Hosted PBX and Unified Communication Services are flexible, easy to use, and can be configured to meet the basic needs of the single trunk user to the complex Enterprise customer, as well as services Reseller.

Please explore our site to learn how MIX Networks can help your business meet its ever growing communication needs.  Contact us!